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Best creams, lotions and oils to help minimize and prevent stretch marks 2023

Whether you like to think of your stretch marks as your tiger stripes or whether you would ideally have a minimal amount on your tummy, most mums and mums-to-be have some stretch marks during pregnancy. They can appear anywhere on your body, from your belly to your thighs, your breasts or your buttocks and can be multiple colors – angry red, purple or just a dull light color.
According to most doctors, a big role on whether you get stretch marks or not depends on your genetics vs other factors but having said that, it really helps to keep your skin moisturized during pregnancy.

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Homemade Pregnancy Tests: What are they and Do they really work?

”Experts do no attribute any reliability to these tests and suggest that these should only be conducted at home for fun. The more accurate pregnancy tests available are urine tests or blood tests. Even if your home-ingredients react and become fizzy, frothy or bubbly, you need to get one of the credible tests or visit your doctor to know the actual pregnancy result and not solely rely on the homemade tests.”

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Best Nipple Shields 2023

You may feel that moms make breastfeeding look so easy but don’t worry, that’s not the case. It’s a natural process but some new moms require a little help to kickstart smooth breastfeeding!

Even if you get off to a difficult breastfeeding start, it doesn’t mean you won’t come around to nursing with ease. A little assistance with your breastfeeding nipple shields and you and your baby will find a sync.

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Pregnancy cravings: WHAT are they and WHY do you have them?

It is very common to have the weirdest pregnancy cravings when you are pregnant. Even though experts have not been able to establish why certain foods are craved and there are certain food aversions, but as per research presented by Frontiers in Psychology 50%-90% of pregnant women experience cravings at some point during their pregnancy.  

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Pregnancy Screenings and Scans

Once you notice the early signs of pregnancy and take a test to confirm pregnancy, the next step is to go through what to do after a positive pregnancy test, a large part of which is screenings and scans. These screening tests begin at your first prenatal appointment and are mostly non-invasive. A screening test only tells you if you are at risk, or high probability of a particular condition.

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Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy 

Gestational diabetes is caused as a result of increased blood sugar levels during pregnancy. It is believed that upto 10% pregnant women get affected by this in the U.S. You needn’t have ever been diagnosed with diabetes in order to get this during your pregnancy.

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