Natalie Robinson

A surfer on the weekends and a lawyer through the week, I am Natalie, also a pregnant mom to be. They say pregnancy is the most beautiful thing a woman experiences, but in reality, it is a lot of changes and a lot of ‘accepting new things’. Your body changes, your hormones are out of control, your clothes don’t fit, you can’t do a few things that you loved to do. I felt the same – will I be able to surf, how soon can I work again, will it ever be the same? The answer to the last question – it won’t ever be the same but it will be worth it – yes you can do the things you loved once again – you just need to deal with this transition. I have the most supporting partner, caring family and friends and an amazing workplace – which makes this journey easy and worth it. I did a lot of mediation, yoga and took therapy to cope with my pregnancy. Through my blogs I want to reach out to women and tell them it s ok to be confused, it is ok to feel ugly, it is ok to break down but then you have to get and deal with it – just like I did. So, here’s to all the strong women out there, I hope my writing steers you in the right direction and makes you feel even slightly better and more equipped to take on this journey. Good luck you pregnant mommas-to be – let’s do this!!

Janet Wang

A psychologist by education, I didn’t actually end up pursuing a career in that. What I found therapeutic in my early 20s were babies. I just felt the aura and energy that they exuded (even while crying or pooping) could just heal anyone. Infact, I ended up doing things that involved babies – seminars, workshops, content creation, new products in the market – I knew it all. I am a new mum myself. Gave birth to most beautiful baby girl less than 3 months ago(Jan 2021). I’ll be honest, I was one of those pregnant women and new mums who wanted to follow everything by the book – so if there is any article that has been published – it has been read by me. Right from the sex positions, to eating the right things to the right baby accessories – I did it all. Not only did I follow them I improvised on them. As someone who has read almost every pregnancy related web page & visited multiple gynaecologists for the past year in the attempt to get pregnant, through my articles and research I want to reach out to the women who are trying to be mothers and give them hope and let them know, we are in this together. Some questions may seem silly to you but hey ask them. For over protective and extra cautious mothers out there, I just want to tell you that you are doing your best - it’s okay to take it easy and let your hair down. I know how disheartened one gets when they feel they are failing at being good mothers – so I just want you to know – you are strong, powerful women – and you are not alone. Hope my writing motivates you and makes the entire journey a pleasant one.

Christina McCarthy

A freelance writer and mum to 2-year-old Phoebe, and 11 year old Damien. I married my husband 15 years go & conceived my first child 4 years after marriage. I have been living in Los Angeles since the past 40 years. As someone who had PCOS and ended up getting Gestational Diabetes during my first pregnancy & went on to having another child 9 years later– I feel it is super important that mothers around the globe learn from my experiences. If I am able to shed even a little bit of light on issues that mums-to-be or mums all over are facing through my stories – I would consider myself blessed. Started my career as a content marketing specialist and my pregnancies were very special to me – didn’t want to give up either aspect of my life so I chose to write about pregnancy – best of both worlds. In my free time you will find me laying at beach and soaking up the sun while my babies splash around. A hands-on person, I often do a lot of DIY stuff and incorporated a that into my food and lifestyle while I was pregnant. Hope to be a part of your journey through my blogs.