Best Baby Bottles 2021


Baby bottles are available in abundance and it can often get confusing about which is the best one to choose for your kid. There is no one best bottle for your baby and will need to test them out with your child. Each baby prefers a particular shape, size and texture so you may have to experiment with a few before you actually pick the right baby bottle.

There are few things one considers before narrowing down the options. You must wonder how do you choose a baby bottle? Which are the best baby bottles for colic and gas? Which provide a better breastfeeding experience? Which is the best anti-colic bottle?

Here are a few options to look into.

The first type is a Standard bottle which is traditional and suits almost all babies. These are glass baby bottles, plastic or stainless steel with a simple design.

Another type is the Angle-neck bottle which prevents air in the nipple leading to easier feeds and less gassy babies.

A Disposable liner bottle is a hard-shell plastic bottle that holds a single pouch of milk. This is an easy to clean option that reduces gassiness however not eco-friendly.

The Wide-neck bottles are used to provide a breastfeeding experience. These are short with a wide opening, ideal for babies who are moving from breast to bottle.

Another type is a vented bottle with a built-in tube to prevent air bubbles from forming and prevent gas.

Another criterion to consider while buying the bottle is the material that bottle is made of. The most common bottles are glass, silicone, plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic Baby Bottles – These are a cheaper option but less durable than glass baby bottles or steel baby bottles. It is a standard choice for many parents but need to replaced every few months.

Stainless steel baby bottles – These sleek and sturdy bottles are preferred by parents who want a long-lasting option as they rarely need to be replaced.

Glass baby bottles: These are heat- and shock-resistant and come with silicone sleeves for extra protection. Unless they chip or break, they do not need replacement.

Silicone: A pricier option, silicone bottles are silky and smooth and make great nipples and bottles.

Apart from the material and bottle type, baby bottle nipples are also important for babies with particular feeding needs. Most bottles come with nipples, but If the baby has a special feeding need, particular nipples in different shapes and sizes can be bought separately.

The Traditional nipples are latex, bell-shaped nipples that are very common. The Orthodontic nipples are flatter at the bottom and have a bulbous top to protect the baby’s palate. The Flat-topped nipples are shaped like a breast with a bigger base and a flat top.

The best bottles for colic and gas have anti-vacuum nipples. If you are looking at multiple stage flows in the same nipple then your go-to option would be bottles with Multi-flow nipples. Single-use, sterile, and individually wrapped disposable nipples are preferred for easy clean-up.

The most common types of material used for nipples are latex and silicone. Latex is traditional and soft but needs quick replacement. Food grade silicone nipples on the other hand are more durable and best for babies with allergies.

Even the size of the bottle depends on the stage your baby is in. To start off with smaller bottles are better. Newborns drink an average of 4 ounces in a single feed so the smaller bottles are great with a Stage 1 slow-flow nipple to control milk release speed.

As the baby grows, a bigger bottle with faster milk flow from a Stage 2 nipple is ideal. When the baby grows further the larger 8-ounce bottles are preferred for higher quantities at less frequent intervals.

These are various options in the market for you to consider and we recommend the following baby bottles for your baby:

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are fully-vented and clinically proven to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. This set includes 4, 8 ounce bottles.

Why do we love it?

The anti-colic internal vent system helps prevent ingestion of air bubbles and eliminates the vacuum effect reducing spit-up, burping and gas. It also means no nipple collapse or fluid buildup in baby’s ear. These bottles help preserve levels of important nutrients like vitamins C, A, and E + lipids. The vent system reduces air bubble oxidation of the milk, which is fragile and susceptible to nutrient loss. The low-flow rate is ideal for switching between breast and bottle. The internal vent system and silicone nipple work seamlessly together, resulting in controlled flow so babies feed at their own pace. Paced bottle feeding is a way to feed baby that mimics breastfeeding which makes it easier to switch baby from breast to bottle and back again.

Check out what its users say

We tried so many different bottles with our kids. These are the best. They still leak a little if left on their side or upside down but we didn’t find a bottle that didn’t leak. The vent down the middle prevents a vacuum from forming and causing colic. Just don’t tighten the bottle too tight. – Arkinats

The Philips Avent bottles with Air Free vent and Slow Flow Nipple (size 2) are anti-colic and promote the health and comfort of your baby. This BPA free bottle is designed to reduce most common feeding issues including colic, gas, and reflux.

Why do we love it?

This is the ideal set to get started with bottle feeding. The AirFree vent is designed to help your baby swallow less air by keeping the nipple full of milk during feeding. Reducing the amount of air your baby ingests helps with common feeding issues such as colic, gas & reflux. The shape of the nipple allows for a secure latch, and the ribbed texture helps prevent nipple collapse, for uninterrupted, comfortable feeding. With its wide neck and and fewer parts, the bottle is easy to assemble and to clean quickly and thoroughly. This Anti-colic bottle is compatible with the Philips Avent botlles range so you can mix and match the breast pump, bottle and cup parts, and create the product that works for you, when you need it!

Check out what its users say

I switched to the Avent anti-collic bottles when my son was 2 weeks old and he’s now 3 months. He had horrible issues with gas. We had to switch his formula and bottles. I really love these bottles. I’ve notice some reviews don’t believe they work, but if used properly you can see the air bubbles flow out as the baby is sucking. These bottles do come with a faster flow nipple even though it states slow flow. You can purchase the slower newborn flow nipples 4 pack from Amazon as well and save the nipples that come with it until your baby is ready. I would recommend this product. – Sandrina

The Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles provide the ultimate feeding experience for you and your little one. It’s the optimal baby bottle for every stage of your feeding journey from newborn through toddlerhood.

Why do we love it?

It provides a soft and familiar feel by mimicking the mother. The squeezable ultra-soft, breast-like silicone helps your little one transition between breast and bottle without nipple confusion. An advanced triple-vented, 360 degree anti-colic system keeps your baby happy and gas-free! The Flexy Silicone Bottle’s stable base prevents it from tipping over and the non-collapsible nipple provides the perfect latch. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The 5 different flow rates are available to accommodate your baby’s growth during every stage. The quick-snap handles which are available at an additional cost are great for tiny hands to hold and help advance their fine motor skills.

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I absolutely loved these bottles. We noticed our daughter didn’t spit up as much or even at all sometimes which is her normal. The silicone feel is one of my favorite features. Our loves to hold onto it, and is almost fascinated by the feel. We have never used plastic bottles with her. She’s 5 months, and enjoys these bottles just as much as I do I think haha. Easy to clean, and let’s not forget to mention how cute they are! We bought 3 to start with, and I have more in my cart already with all nipple sizes!! I plan to try these with our next baby as well! – MH. – Brent

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are fully-vented and clinically proven to reduce colic – From nipple to base, this bottle makes for a comfortable feeding experience for baby.

Why do we love it?

These are one of the most sought after bottles. Each nipple is specially engineered to offer the same consistent, natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feeding. The soft silicone nipple helps baby naturally latch while the anti-colic vent system lets baby feed without fuss. The anti-colic internal vent system features an enhanced design to improve the feeding experience. It is clinically proven to reduce colic, decreases spit-up, burping, and gas, it is shown to better preserve nutrients in breast milk and formula and aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep. It also offers a flow rate that supports breastfeeding and when the baby’s feeding develops you can just remove the vent rather than switiching to another bottle.

Check out what its users say

Love these bottles. I have heard warnings that they are more difficult to wash because of the extra parts, but I have been using them for 3 months (since my baby was a newborn, taking 12+ bottles a day!) and not found them to be annoying to clean yet – now that he only has about 5-6 bottes a day its easy-peasy. What I love most is these tops hook straight onto Medela bottles, and I think are even identical shape to the Medela nipples, so everything is so easily interchangable. Plus, I like the tall skinny shape, I find its easier to fit into diaper bags than some of the shorter fatter bottles. – Andie L.

NUK Smooth Flow Bottles are the anti-colic solution for bottle feeding, featuring a unique nipple design that allows baby to control the flow rate for colic-free feeding.

Why do we love it?

The Unique Smooth Flow bottle nipple design allows the baby to control the speed of the flow of milk for colic-free feeding. The SafeTemp temperature indicator lets you know when milk is too hot with just a glance. The blue thermometer indicator fades when milk is too hot and reappears when milk has cooled and is safe to drink. The bottle nipple mimics the shape of the mom’s nursing nipple during breastfeeding, for a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back. The NUK logo on the nipple is an indicator of the positioning of the bottle. If the NUK Logo is under the baby’s nose it means the drinking hole is positioned correctly. The bottles are BPA free and dishwasher safe (top rack only).

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I’ve been having to supplement breastmilk with formula and these bottles are the only ones I feel comfortable giving my newborn. I found it hard to find nipples that don’t go too fast for a newborn but he took to these so much better than the others. I also love that I dont have a million pieces to wash with these. I bought the cute blue tractor ones and they are adorable. – Vanessa

Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The Natural bottle is made from polypropylene, a BPA free material, and works with all nipples and caps from the Natural line.

Why do we love it?

The wide breast-shaped nipple on the bottle enables a natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The ultra soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast and the flexible spiral design allow for a natural movement while baby feeds. The bottles have unique Airflex valve technology integrated into the nipple which is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air away from your baby’s tummy. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold and easy for small fingers to grasp. It is very easy to assemble as there are only a few parts and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy.

Check out what its users say

My baby girl swears by these phillips natural bottles. They were the only ones that wouldnt leak out of her mouth when she was eating She loves them and we’ve tried many. Im so happy to have found them in purple my favorite color and they are so cute. – Lydia E.

The Comotomo baby bottles are deisgned to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. The maximum temperature for bottle and nipple is 180 degree Celsius and 120 degree Celsius for cap and outer ring.

Why do we love it?

Comotomo Baby Bottles feature innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. The naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. Your little one will love to hold onto the skin-like, soft and squeezable body. The wide-neck design for brushless and stress-free cleaning are a bliss! The bottles are equipped with truly innovative vents that are smartly designed to prevent unwanted air-intake and reduce colic, while completely eliminating annoying leaks.

Check out what its users say

I am a first time mom and did my research on great bottles for your infants that are similar to the nipple and prevents gas or colic. The Comotomo bottle are outstanding! My son took to it at two months without any issues He is now 4 months old and can still go back and forth with ease from breastfeeding to the bottle. The bottles are easy to clean. The texture is great, makes it easy for you and your baby to grip. The shape of the nipple on the bottle and how wide the area is, doesn’t allow my son to suck in a lot of air. This prevents a lot of painful gas. The only bad thing I can say about this product is…..I wish it came in a different color for boys other than green. – Odette


The Evenflo Feeding Classic bottle is colorful, has a unique twist shape, is lightweight and easy to hold during feeding. Classic Nipples are available in the Slow, Medium and Fast flow and are sold separately

Why do we love it?

Evenflo Feeding’s Patented Micro Air Vents help prevent nipple collapse and promotes a more comfortable feeding experience for baby. It is easy to hold due its classic and iconic shape with an ergonomic twist. These uniquely shaped Classic baby bottles are incredibly easy to hold while feeding, ensuring both you and your little one are comfortable. Designed with only 3 pieces, the Classic Baby Bottles can be easily assembled and disassembled for a quick, thorough cleaning between feedings. These bottles are also dishwasher safe (top rack only), making your busy life a little easier. You can pump directly into these bottles as they will fit onto most standard neck breast pumps. These baby bottles are 100% free of BPA, polycarbonates, PVC, and phthalates making them safe for your baby.

Check out what its users say

Great investment. For the price, you cant get any better. My daughter loves them and compared to highly talked brands that leaks, these bottles so far have no leaked. Im completely satisfied. I highly recommend it. – Jazzmeene Vasquez