Best Baby Play Mats 2021

They say if you have kids at home, it is a blessed home and that if that home has a padded baby play mat for the kids it is an even bigger blessing. Often underestimated, this floor play mat acts as a lifesaver. To start off with, it is a perfect area for tummy time and in the later years can be used as a safe, designated play area. The cushioning on the mat is perfect for early crawlers and walkers preventing falls and tumbles.

Things to keep in mind when buying a baby play mat

Should you buy puzzle-like or one-piece?

Some mats have puzzle-like patterns that can be divided helping kids to develop their fine-motor skills & keep them occupied. The other option is going for a single mat that can be folded or rolled when not beings use. The puzzle option seems appealing but it could take up some of your time putting it back especially if you have two children, one being a toddler.

What will the usage time be?

Is the play mat going to be used sparingly or will it be permanently on display? The options available to you will have to select based on this consideration, as some are meant to be left lying around while others are meant to be put away.

What washing method do you prefer?

Most of the playmats just require a sponge or cleaning wipes, while others can be cleaned in a washing machine. If you go for the modular style, you can simply deal with the individual piece that gets messy.

What shape, size, or thickness would you want?

The mat can be thinner if it is being used on top of a rug whereas if you go for a modular mat, you may customize it to fit into a particular area depending on what is available to you.

What style are you looking for?

You will have a variety of options to choose from, right from the traditional bright colored alphabet squares to more modern-looking designs such as dots, animals, cars, zig-zag stripes, and things that your toddle loves.

Based on our research, we suggest the following play mats for you.

This Wee Giggles Non- Toxic foam play mat for baby is designed specifically for newborns, infants and toddlers. They are best used as a base for an infant activity gym or infant tummy time. They make a great substitute for a nursery or a play room rug. They encourage development amongst infants as well.

Why do we love it?

This stylish play mat is perfect for small spaces, since it’s portable it can be taken to a vacation or a park or in a cabin in the woods, it makes it safe for the little one to play around. The contrasting colours of the play mat makes it easy for babies to see and is also stimulating for young infants.

Check out what its users say

This product is amazing!!! The only thing I’m upset about, is that I didn’t come across and order it sooner! Now my (almost) 6 month old daughter can go outside on the patio and she can sit up on the floor without me having to worry about her busting her head on the concrete. No more bringing copious amounts of blankets out in the house to try to “pad” the floor. I absolutely love the grey and white colors, and I’m so happy the creators are a family owned business that reached out to me to ensure I’m happy with their product. I recommend this to any and everyone and I’ll probably purchase more when I am able🙌🏼

Edited to add, I did in fact purchase another set, this time the larger one. The smaller and larger sets are capable to be connected seamlessly together, looks fantastic! Still absolutely love this product. It has not given me any problems at all whatsoever, I have it fully covering my entire living room area and I lost count of how many times it’s given my now (almost 11 month old) a nice cushion to land on as she was learning to crawl and now walk! Order this product! You will not be disappointed! – Courtney Newell

This baby folding play mat from Gupamiga is not ony reversible but also waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors as well. The foam material makes it light weight and comfotable for your little one to play around. With the weight of just 3.9 pounds it makes it convenient to carry around anywhere you go.

Why do we love it?

This all-in-one mat has extra large foam with a waterproof surface, so in case your baby pees or drops food, you need not worry because all you need is a tissue and santisier, making it super easy to clean. The baby play mat is quality assured, so if you need a perfect play mat for your munchkin, here’s your sign to buy one!

Check out what its users say

I wish I come across this baby mat sooner… My daughter is almost 2 and the mat is perfect to put at Grandma’s. She goes there a few days a week and Grandma likes that it is foldable so it can be put away when it’s not in used and depending what toys they put out, Grandma can adjust the playmat accordingly. The material is good, the prints are cute, I cleaned it a few times with disinfectant wipes, easy to clean, no colors were wiped off. This mat can be used for tummy time, crawlers, and of course toddlers, I really like the foldable design. -Doleman

This Fisher Price baby play mat is everything you would want in a play mat, with the smart technology used, makes it distinctive since it has been specifically made for every learning stage your baby goes through. This battery operated product is colorful making it even more entertaining.

Why do we love it?

The Fisher Price play mat gives you every reason to purchase it for your baby. This mat is desgined in such a way that it can be utilised in 4 different ways. With Lay & Play, Tummy Time, Sit & Play, and Take-Along, makes it very unique from other play mats. The 3 learning stages of sensing, discovering and exploring have all been kept in mind while designing this product, therefore making sure learning is fun.

Check out what its users say

My baby girl is absolutely obsessed with this gym. She can literally spend hours and I have to drag her away from it. She loves pulling on the toys of the arch and kicking the piano. There are about four toys on the arch and a mirror all of which a three or four-month-old baby can begin to pull and play with meanwhile a piano sits at the end of the mat which they can kick and kick. The songs are very catchy and there are three levels of play with one being the easiest level which the baby kicks in a song begins to play and the stage three with the piano acting as an actual tiny keyboard. Out of all the baby Gyms available this has been my absolute favorite and most worthy by providing my child with engaging means of entertainment. – AmlQrzy

The Toddleroo by North States foldable play mat is particulary made in such a way that your little one can play and learn the alphabets at the same time. This ABC mat is made using PE foam, making it a super safe material for the baby. It is foldable, hence can be carried around anywhere with you.

Why do we love it?

The ABC mat not only is foldable but also water resistant, so if you are worried about your child ruining it, you need not worry anymore! It is super easy to clean and since it uses PE foam, it dries out even more fast. It is decorated in such a way that your child will not get enough of the animlas and the letters. With 71×71 dimensions this makes the superyard mat extra large in size making it suitbale for all activities that your child is interested in.

Check out what its users say

Let me preface this review by saying that I absolutely LOVE this mat. Considering the size and quality, it’s WELL worth the price. You may be asking yourself, “So then why didn’t you give it 5 stars?!” If you take a look at any of the photos other reviewers posted you may notice that the alphabet ends with “…W…Y…X…Z” Now, I realize that isn’t a HUGE deal but it is the absolute first thing I noticed when I looked through each of the letters and the animal associated with it. I guess I just assumed that I wouldn’t have to double check them prior to ordering! In any case, this really is a great mat and I recommend it to anyone who isn’t a perfectionist! -Justin

The Gimars XL reversible baby play mat is known for its thick layered mat, it provides extra foam and cushion so that the baby is comfortable and avoids getting hurt. It is extra large in size, making it a versatile option for your baby to crawl, play or walk. The texture of the mad is antiskid, on both the sides, helping the baby get up easily.

Why do we love it?

This super size layered mat, has alphabets and symbols with bright colours, so that it catches the baby’s attention and makes it fun. It is extra light and can be folded easily, making it compact and carried around anywhere you like. Because it has an antiskid texture, it makes it easier to clean any stains left by the baby. And it has quality assurance, so if you are planning to buy this mat, your money is on the right one!

Check out what its users say

I bought these for my living room where my daughter spends most of her time. We have hard wood floors that weren’t very friendly to her when she was still quite little and just learning to move around. She would fall over and bump her fragile little head hard on the floors. Not to mention that a hardwood floor is a cold place for a little one to lay or crawl on. These mats were the perfect solution. I bought 2 so it would cover the length of the living room area that she plays in. They have fun prints on both sides, they were thick enough to pad her falls and it kept her from lying/crawling on the cold hard floors. They are easy to wipe clean of spills, spit up, etc. We put them out during the day and fold them up quite easily at night and tuck them under our couch so they are out of sight and out of the way. They are a bit pricey but are well worth it, in my opinion because they will last for quite a while and helped make my little ones space safer and more comfortable. -Patricia Vacca

This Infantino Twist and Fold play mat, as the name suggests, is a twist and fold mat, that can be packed and opened easily anywhere you go. It has been made using the polyster material, making it a soft mat for the baby to play in. Its target audience is from newborn to 1 year olds. It has toys included so your child can never get bored just lying around.

Why do we love it?

This 4 in 1 mat has additonal features that make it even more pleasing. With a tummy time pillow, a peek-a-boo mirror that entertains the baby and 4 different colorful toys enaging the child in sensory development is nothing less than a perfect mat. This is your go to mat if you have recently delivered and want something that amuses you and your baby!

Check out what its users say

We LOVE this. Our home basically looks like it belongs to the baby and he lets us stay here. I love that we can collapse it at the end of the day and reclaim a few feet of adult space. My fave things about it: -It collapses and opens easily enough to do it one handed if you’re holding your baby. -It’s super easy to pull apart for washing -You can buy different toys to hang (in packs of 3). We like to rotate the toys out so our baby doesn’t get bored. -We can travel easily with it because it folds up and secures with velcro We learned quickly that if we put the baby down in it at a diagonal so his feet could kick the base of one of the arches he could shake his own toys. Then we’d just helicopter him around each corner when he started to get bored with the view. So by the time our baby was about 5 weeks old he could entertain himself under this for a good 15 minutes at a time. Now, at 12 weeks, he’ll hang out playing with the toys for a half hour or longer. We hang the toys at the high setting when he’s laying in it and move them to the low setting (attaching the mirror to the base of one of the arches) to do tummy time. Works like a charm! -EveryGirlEver

The Banmax Foldable baby playmat has all the things you would want in a play mat, it is waterproof making it easy to clean, it is antiskid so that your child doesn’t slip, it is made using a foam material, hence making it very comfortable for the baby to spend their time on it. It is reversible with two different sides, one with alphabets and the other with animlas.

Why do we love it?

This adaptable play mat has been made keeping in mind all the parents’s needs, its designs on both the sides are made using non toxic ink so that it is harmless to the baby. This multi-functional mat is not just any regular play mat, it can also be used for yoga or if the baby needs to sleep. It is also super large in size and light in weight making it very easy to fold and keep it aside after using. If you are searching for a mat that even you as a parent can use, then you have come to the right place!

Check out what its users say

My little baby suddenly crawled by himself in early May. Then he began to crawl around the house. I don’t have much time to wipe the floor every day. So I bought him a climbing mat. I was very surprised after receiving it. 1. It folds very well! When folded, it becomes very small and does not take up space. Very good storage! 2. Easy to clean, and it is waterproof. After I received it, I wiped it with a sterile paper towel several times, and it dried up so fast. 3. It has very cute patterns on both sides, you can use it! -maggieX