Best Baby Swaddles 2021


A practice that has been followed over generation is Swaddling. This involves wrapping your baby in a blanket to keep them secure. The infant’s arms and legs are ticked in tightly and the blanket envelopes them neck down. When you swaddle your baby, you are essentially giving the position of the womb to your infant.

Swaddling prevents the baby from getting startled from sounds or even no reason at all. This reflex last for about 3-6 months but can tend to prevent the baby from sleeping. Swaddling enables the baby to sleep soundly and sleep longer, giving you some extra time as well.

What is the best time to swaddle?

The ideal time for swaddling your infant is when it is time for bed – either nap time or for when you are calling it a day. As per the American Academy of Paediatrics, swaddling can bring down the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), by stopping infants from rolling over onto their tummy.

For healthy infants the safest position to sleep in on their backs. Once your baby starts to roll over, you can stop swaddling.

What are the different types of swaddles?

Just like all the other gear you get for your infant, a single swaddle is not for every infant. The two main types of swaddles to choose from are the traditional blankets or sacks.

  •  Blanket swaddles: like the name suggests these are big soft blankets to wrap your infant using the swaddling technique. Since these are essentially soft blankets they can be put to good use once you stop swaddling as well. When using the blanket to swaddle, make sure it is fitted properly and securely, as it could suffocate your baby if it gets loose.
  •  Swaddling sacks: If you are first time parents you may not be great with the swaddling technique, in that case these are a much better option for you. These have snaps and zippers and can swaddle the baby.

How to select the best swaddles?

We have put together a list of blankets and swaddling devices after speaking to new parents and understanding what best works for them. Apart from this the product ratings and reviews from new parents, gave us a good understanding of what is good and what is not so good.

Our research tells us, these are the best swaddles to go for:

The Comfy Cubs Baby Swaddle is desgined for newborn babies for upto 3 months. This 3 pack grey coloured swaddle is made using 100% cotton, which is a softer fabric compared to others, and hence makes the swaddle lightweight, breathable and comfortable. This makes it easier for the baby to sleep in irrespective of the climate.

Why do we love it?

This swaddle is particulary made to make sure that unlike traditonal blankets, it ensures safety by including a leg pocket and adjustable hook-and-loop tabs. They are delivered to you in an amazing gift box, keeping in mind incase you need to gift your dear ones. New born babies take a lot of time to adjust to their surroundings, but this swaddle makes that task easier for them and you! Your baby feels safe and comfortable in this snuggly swaddle.

Check out what its users say

Sleep Saver! I was super skeptical about this product but now I am obsessed!!! Our daughter would only sleep in her Rock-n-Play so I purchased this Comfy Cubs Swaddle 3 pack in hopes it would help with a smooth transition to her bassinet (and eventually crib)… She slept for 10-hours straight on her first night in her bassinet while wearing this! She had never slept for more than 6.5 hours in one stretch. Now she wears this every night and sleeps in her own room for 10-12 hours!!! I am a believer! Oh I’m also a bit of a clean freak, so I wash this twice a week (and dry it) and it’s held up perfectly! -Miri

This Love To Dream Swaddle is uniquely designed to make sure that your baby has an undisturbed sleep, using modern methods to make sure they satisfy the needs of the baby and the parents. New born babies have natural tendecies to move their hand in the upwards direction while sleeping, hence this swaddle has been shaped exactly like that, enabling the baby to self soothe.

Why do we love it?

This swaddle zipper is very easy to put on and extremely comfortable for the baby. Using 93% cotton makes the swaddle very soft and cosy for the baby to be in. With the distinctive design of the arms being UP, it reduces the risk of rolling over. The swaddle is made with a hip-healthy design in mind, making sure the baby’s hips and legs move freely. They have also used a single layered fabric making sure the baby can breathe easily and not feel suffocated. So if you’re looking for something different yet worth it, this is THE product for your baby!

Check out what its users say

I bought this in XS for my son who was born a month premature weighing only 4 lbs 13 oz. After 2 weeks at home he’d scream & wiggle his arms out every time I’d swaddle him in a blanket. So I ordered this & he loves it since his hands are by his face. It keeps him from startling himself in his sleep and waking up. He can also turn & lay on his sides in it. I’m actually ordering him 2 more in small since he’s grown out of the xsmall. The only con I can think of is that I didn’t order more than one since he wouldn’t sleep well when it was in the wash. Best $30 I’ve ever spent! -Alexis Graham

The HALO 3-Way Baby Swaddle is exactly what the names suggets, this adjustable swaddle can be used in 3 different way. Arms in to prevent startle reflux, hands-to-face for self soothing and 1 or 2 arms out for an easy transition from swaddling.

Why do we love it?

This multifunctional swaddle has several features that make it different from the traditional blankets. Nowdays using traditonal blankets is considered old school because it can cause breathing problems while the baby is asleep, hence such swaddles are used worldwide in hospitals. With the zipper design, it helps in convientely changing the diaper of your little one, without removing the whole swaddle, which saves time.

Check out what its users say

We have been using halo sleepsacks since we brought our son home from the hospital. They have been great! They keep him warm and keep him from waking himself up. As soon as we put him in it and feed him, he falls right to sleep and stays asleep! He will sleep for 6 hours at a time! He sleeps from 1 am- 7 am then he gets a dream feeding (diaper change and feeding without waking on his own) then sleeps from 730 am to about 1 pm! He is 3 months old and still fits into a small. He’s been wearing a small since about 2 months. He’s very long for his age and there is still room for his legs. He weighs about 17 lbs. It’s easy to use as well! The fabric is very soft and not too heavy so it doesn’t overheat him. We have washed it many times and it has held up great! I definitely recommend this product! -Ashley

The Mama Cheetah Swaddle is a 3 pack organic cotton material product, using a subtle grey colour. The swaddle wraps are made using 100% cotton material, which makes it soft and lightweight for the baby to sleep in. The swaddle has been made keeping in mind the new born baby’s changing surrounding and has been made creating a peaceful womb like feeling which prevents the startle reflex that can wake up the baby.

Why do we love it?

The cotton material swaddle wrap has been made in such a way that it makes it extremely light and breathable for your little one to sleep in without any discomfort. The swaddle has an adjustable design that makes it very convienient to use. The adjustable sleep sacks have soft fabric wings that fasten securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit and cozy feeling, and helps your newborn sleep safe and sound. The team at Mama Cheetah care about customer satisfaction, hence they have a hassle-free refund policy.

Check out what its users say

These are seriously a lifesaver. We tried a lot of swaddles, including the very expensive blanket swaddles and zippered newborn sacks, but these are our favorite. I purchased two different sets from this brand, one for my baby and another as a baby shower gift. Both me and the other new mom who received the gift were happy with these swaddles. This is definitely a must have item for new parents so I decided to write a more detailed review

Pros: – These are light-weight and breathable so that the baby doesn’t overheat. The fabric is 100% organic cotton, soft and gentle on baby’s skin. The patterns are super cute and the colors didn’t fade after multiple washes. – Super easy to use. You do not have to be an expert swaddler to get them on properly. – The adjustable design is very useful. The Velcro attachments allows you to adjust the swaddle nicely and snugly, and most importantly, you would be able to tighten them without undoing the whole thing. – Velcro is baby skin friendly and durable. Unlike the Velcro in some other brands we used, this one does not irritate baby’s skin and does not make loud noises during those in the middle of the night changes. – They stay on all night, and they are safer than blankets as they won’t come undone and cover baby’s face. However, you have to be sure to properly attach the Velcro at chest height when you make the first fold.

Cons: – There is little to complain about with these swaddles as I find them very useful. However, if you are looking for a super thick fabric for very cold temperature, this isn’t probably the right product for you. For colder temperature you would probably need to put baby in pajamas before swaddling. -Vernice Lorde

The Upsimples swaddle wrap is a jungle themed product that includes set of 4 swaddle blankets. They are made using 70% bamboo and 30% cotton which makes it very comfortable and breathable, reducing overheating and gentle against the baby’s sensitive skin.

Why do we love it?

The swaddle is not only meant for newborn babies, but also for toddlers considering the generous size of the blanket. The blanket is double layered which makes it difficult for the baby to remove the wrap and the baby stays longer in the desired position. It has adorable patterns of animals such as dinosaur, elephant etc. The prints have been designed to suit both the girl and boy. It can be multi-used such as a play mat, a changing mat, a burp cloth, a baby towel, a nursing cover, a picnic blanket or even cut it into small pieces to use it as reusable wipes, all in one purchase. The blankets have been indiviually wrapped which makes it suitable as baby shower gifts also.

Check out what its users say

These are great. I purchased the Jungle theme set and each print is adorable. These swaddle blankets are quite large, and that’s a good thing for swaddling. They have a tiny bit of stretch to them, so it’s easy to get a cozy and tight swaddle around my little one. Blankets like these are so versatile. I also use them under my little one when we’re nursing. They make great car seat covers to block wind and sun. They can be used to clean up messes, or just as a light lap blanket. Love them! They are thin, so don’t rely on them to provide a ton of warmth. For swaddling, this is a good thing. You don’t want to overheat your baby. As long as you dress them in a warm onesie, they’ll be nice and cozy. Even in just a cotton onesie, my son feels nice an warm when I unwrap him from his swaddle. These would make a great gift! -Meredith