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Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences of ones’ life, but let’s be clear, it is hard. As a new mum who is currently breastfeeding her 3-week-old, I applaud mums who carry on this journey. The sleepless nights, the on-demand feeds and many other hurdles during the journey are not easy, thus, having products that help you through this journey are extremely helpful.

So why is a nursing pillow important?

If you’re planning to breastfeed, you will probably end up investing in a few products that would help you on your journey, from breast pumps to nursing bras to nipple creams and as a new mum I can confirm that the nursing pillow (also called the breastfeeding pillow) is an essential part of it. It helps make your breastfeeding journey more comfortable, helps with your posture and helps you find a good position to feed your baby.

Key benefits of using a breastfeeding pillow:

  • Eases the strain on your back, neck and arms during breastfeeding
  • Comforts and supports the baby to feel more secure
  • Gives baby easier access to your breast as it raises the height the baby is at

Factors to think about when choosing a breastfeeding pillow

Not all breastfeeding pillows are made equal and the one you choose will be based on your personal preference in terms of shape, design, firmness and size.

Below is a list of our favorite breastfeeding pillow for your needs that will help you in your journey.

This My Brest Friend pillow is designed to give moms the confidence they need to feel secure and position them for breastfeeding success.

Why do we love it?

My Brest Friend is here to help alleviate some of these stresses and demystify what many new mothers and fathers experience during those first precious months of your newborn baby’s life. My Brest Friend boasts a unique shape and is the only pillow that fits snuggly against the wearer, eliminating the gap that most crescent-shaped nursing pillows have. This is especially important to facilitate proper latching for consistent feedings. The firm and flat pillow keeps the baby safe and sound and securely in place throughout the entire nursing session.

Check out what its users say

‘Love this pillow. I was having many issues the first month of breast feeding my baby girl, mostly related to posture and positioning. I originally was gifted the Boppy, which comes in many cute designs, so I was skeptical based off esthetics whether I should buy this pillow, but once I tried it at one of my lactation appointments I was convinced and it definitely has made my life easier. I don’t always need it now that I’m seasoned but it still is nice to have around for back support and for the baby to stably lay on. It allows me to multitask while she is attached 🙂 sometimes I eat while she eats lol. Sometimes I put a blanket and my sleeping baby in the nook that goes around your waist while laying flat and she will stay asleep feeling cradled. I always keep her close and watch her of course!’– Cami’s Mami

The Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is an award-winning pillow that has a versatile design to support you through your baby’s first year.

Why do we love it?

The Boppy Original Feeding and Infant Support Pillow ergonomically supports you while nursing or bottle feeding. It is a versatile pillow to grow and support baby during supervised awake time through first year milestones – Feeding at 0+ months, propping at 3+ months, tummy time at 6+ months and sitting at 9+ months. Created by a mother, this pillow is designed with your comfort in mind. So, get comfortable. It is small enough to fit in a rocking chair while nursing or bottle feeding, but large enough to give the lift you and baby need. You can place the pillow around your front or side waist to get the best support for your feeding style: cradle, cross cradle, football hold or bottle feeding. 

Check out what its users say

‘This pillow is absolutely one of those necessary baby products you will actually use. I had the original version with my first two sons, gave it away, found out I was pregnant, and ordered this one. I like this version better. It’s perfect for nursing but also helps my son’s hold their new brother. We put the pillow on their lap then the baby. It gives height and stability for anyone to hold the baby. There are so many unnecessary baby products out there, ones you will never touch or use. But this one will be used hourly, daily, etc. Get it. No regrets.’– Krisvan

The Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow has multiple angle-altering layers for proper positioning to aid in feeding even as your baby grows.

Why do we love it?

This understands the needs of nursing mothers as it has been designed by nursing moms themselves. It adjusts to support multiple nursing positions and including cradle, cross-cradle, football and upright. Getting the perfect latch is much easier with this adjustable nursing pillow that will help elevate your baby to breast height. This nursing pillow easily provides 3 height options and multiple nursing-hold options to make achieving the perfect latch possible. This uniquely layered nursing pillow easily adjusts, so you can find comfortable positions for you and your baby. This pillow will help make nursing your baby comfortable and easy, even as they grow.

Check out what its users say

‘I got this for my fourth pregnancy and I have no regrets. Ok, for the details. I have used a boppy pillow and the problems I run into: -I’m tall. At 5’10 I have to prop baby up on pillows even with the boppy -I’m not skinny. It bends it to wrap around my just had a baby belly -it isn’t wide. I always hold my children and use the pillow to rest my arm on, but it isn’t deep enough as baby get older. -can’t do football hold because baby falls off in the back. Again, not wide enough. Honestly, I love that I can use this to hold baby, nurse, football hold anything I want. It’s high enough for a tall person and for those shorter than me then can changed the height and be comfortable. It’s the best!’– Holly

The Borje Newborn Breastfeeding pillow has a new 45 degree angle design which is great for any newborn.

Why do we love it?

The pillow cover material is 100% cotton and super soft. The luscious and soft the fabric of this pillow case feels great to a baby’s skin. You can comfortably bond with your baby while breastfeeding or bottle feeding – providing relief for arms and back by lifting baby to a more ergonomic position. It is convenient and practical, especially for busy moms as this maternity baby feeding pillow case is machine washable. Simply, pop it in the washer in the gentle cycle and it will be as good as new.

Check out what its users say

‘Great little boppy pillow, this has been a game changer at night. Makes feeding our preemie much easier, especially with the mini pillow for his little head. Perfect for nursing, bottle feeding, and will be a nice body pillow for him when he gets a bit bigger. Also, very easy to clean. After spitting up all over it, we just zipped the cover off and threw it in the wash. Easy to put on/take off, and stays soft after washing. Plus, the bear pattern is super cute.’– Evin

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow is plus size and ideal for Twins 0-12 Months. It is Dust-free, Scratch Proof and Anti-reflective

Why do we love it?

It is specifically designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable. Its supportive backrest encourages good posture during breastfeeding and prevents neck and shoulder strain, too. Also great at minimizing strain at the elbows and wrists, so you can focus all your attention on your little one. The wrap around design secures to your body. This helps you and your baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on and prevents your baby from rolling in the gap that other nursing pillows create. It has a convenient side which helps you keep pocket supplies and accessories within reach.

Check out what its users say

‘Written by my wife… I am a size 24 and bust size 48D. I have been using this for three weeks now and cannot say enough good about the product. I was not sure about spending the money on this product, but glad I did. I can nurse more often and long with this. My baby is far more comfortable and I love the pocket. I have used it for a bottle, chap stick and even my phone. It is sturdy! If you are a plus size mama and or have large breasts get this product, you will not regret it!’– Wayne Phillips

The Chilling home nursing pillow is the original breast-feeding pillow for babies or moms with inner cushion. It is removable and made of 100% cotton. It is 47 inches and grey in colour.

Why do we love it?

This nursing pillow provides alleviating strain to your back, neck, and arms by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding. This also helps you sleep comfortably and gives great relief yourself on your side. This also acts a baby nest if you close the clasps at both ends. It can be used as a baby nest to hold it in your arms whilst the baby is sitting, also as a nest for the baby on the sofa, bed, or inside the cot as a cot protector. It is made of 100% organic cotton which is breathable and skin friendly for your child.

Check out what its users say

‘Love this pillow! I call it my banana. I got it around 4 months of my pregnancy. It’s a great support for my belly, back, and that pesky restless leg syndrome during pregnancy, so I prop my legs up when that happens. I’m 5’3″ and it’s a good length for me, comes up to my neck when lying down. It came vacuum sealed, so no complaints about packaging. Haven’t used the detachable pillow in the middle, but saving that for if I have to use the pillow for the baby, and I like that there’s a button to close and zipper for easy cleaning. I thought it would take up a lot of space on our bed- queen sized- but hasn’t been an issue at all.’– Gibu Thomas    

The White Nursing Pillow by Little Grape Land is a multifunctional, newborn breastfeeding pillow for Babies from 0-12 Months. It is soft 100% Cotton and portable for travel.

Why do we love it?

This pillow helps parents maintain good posture and minimizes strain in the elbows and wrists, releasing the stress for your body. There are no irritating zippers or Velcro to prevent choking hazards. It is made of skin-friendly materials that creates a cozy and safe environment for baby and parents. The baby-sitting pillow features a genius design that wraps around your waist so there are no gaps for baby to slip in between and it stays secure throughout the entire feeding session. This portable nursery pillow can be used for feeding, propping, tummy time and sitting giving good support for baby’s first year.

Check out what its users say

‘My 4 year old loves it because she is able to hold her new baby sister so much easier and it also makes breastfeeding for me a lot easier.’– Crystal Nunn


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