Best Co-Sleepers 2021


A baby’s sleep is very important for a new parent. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics the best place for a baby’s sound sleep is in a safety-certified crib, bassinet, play yard or bedside sleeper in the parents’ own room. This brings you to the question – what is the best baby co- sleeper or best co-sleeper bassinet for the baby? Let us understand.

What is Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping is not entirely understood by parents-to-be and they may confuse co-sleeping for sharing a bed with the baby. However, this is just one type of co-sleeping. Parents can either share a bed with the child or room with the child and it is still termed as co-sleeping.

Co-sleepers also come in two categories to match the co-sleeping types giving parents convenient and easy solutions for room sharing and bed-sharing.

Difference between in-bed co-sleepers and bedside co-sleepers

There are two types of co-sleepers – in bed co-sleepers and bedside co-sleepers. In-bed co-sleepers are for those parents who are comfortable having their baby on the same bed as them. Bedside bassinets provide parents accessibility to the child but in a separate bed.

Almost all in-bed co-sleepers have elevated sides – this prevents the baby from rolling out of the co-sleeper onto the bed. It also parents’ blankets and pillows from covering the baby. These tend to be convenient only till a certain age as slightly older babies can roll off or climb out of it, roll to the side of the bed and fall off.

Quite a few of the in-bed co-sleepers provide a sense of familiarity as they are portable and foldable and can be taken along wherever you go. By ensuring the baby’s bed is the same, it provides security and a sound sleep.

Bedside co-sleepers are different from conventional cribs – they are more cozy, multi-purpose and smaller in size. Cribs need to be placed next to the bed but these bedside-co-sleepers are attached to the bed – they can be rotated, tilted and tucked under the main bed.

Some co-sleepers occupy more space than the others so it is best to see the dimensions to make sure they can be taken to different areas of the house and not get stuck in the doorways.

From our research these are the best co-sleepers to choose from:

The 3 in 1 exchangeable mode baby crib is not just a standalone bedside sleeper but a perfect bassinet for a baby. You could freely turn the rails on the bottom to shift the mode to meet your different needs.

Why do we love it?

We love this as this baby bassinet is equipped with 3 convertible modes and can be used as a stable baby crib, baby bedside sleeper or standalone baby bassinet. The zipper design on the side can be easily opened to help moms take better care of babies. Moms can reach in to soothe baby or take the baby for nursing when needed. The mesh structure ensures ventilation and is more convenient for the mother to observe the state of the baby at any given point. For any mom who is nursing or has had a c section, it is truly a sleep saver and improves quality of life.

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Don’t even think twice. This is the best investment you can possibly make when preparing for your new arrival. I used this bassinet for my second baby . It was a lifesaver . It’s very convenient to set on the side of bed . My baby only wakes up once throughout the night since he slept on the bed . My husband and I love this thing, we are going on vacation next month , we definitely are gonna bring this with us. – Hung Cosgrove

The Mika Micky bedside sleeper gives the closeness and convenience of co-sleeping, while allowing the baby his or her own protected space. The side wall lowers to allow you to tend to baby without leaving your bed.

Why do we love it?

The Bedside Sleeper is perfect for a newborn and breastfeeding mom. It is designed to help you get back to sleep quickly after each feeding and comforting session. It acts as a standalone sleeper, allowing you to use it anywhere that your little one wants to sleep. The 2-side breathable mesh ensures maximum breathability and allows parents to check on their baby at all times. The built in wheels with brakes enables moving around safely and easily without hurting your floor.

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I spent WEEKS searching for a bedside sleeper tall enough for our bed, that was also a good value. I finally got this in the mail today and and I’m so happy with it. The instruction manual felt useless, but thankfully if you search the brand and model number on YouTube there’s an assembly video. So quick and easy to put up and take down, no tools required. I love that it comes with safety straps to tether to the bed and locking wheels so it won’t accidentally roll off when you’re using it with the side folded down. It even comes with a carry tote which will keep it clean for storage. I bought cuddly cubs brand bassinet sheets to fit the mattress. Overall it feels really sturdy and I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a bedside sleeper. – Caitlyn

The Baby delight snuggle nest is for infants from 0 to 5 months and is ideal for lounging, napping and overnight sleeping

Why do we love it?

The Snuggle Nest Harmony Portable Infant Sleeper creates a comfortable and safe sleep environment for a baby within an adult bed. The new design has two rigid, vented walls making it breathable and safe. The bed length has been extended to accommodate taller babies and the width can fit comfortably in both Queen and King size beds. The tall walls are lined with a soft and breathable mesh to provide ample air circulation. An adjustable sound & light unit offers a gentle night light and soothing sounds and quickly folds in half and is ideal for using at home, as well as for travel. The inside can even be used to store essentials like diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.

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This co-sleeper literally saved me and my wife’s sanity. Everyone starts off with grand plans of not co-sleeping, but when your options are either co-sleeping or nobody sleeping…. well, we ordered this in desperation at 3 AM and never looked back. Much cheaper than a dock a tot and feels much studier/safer. We can’t accidentally roll in and baby can’t accidentally roll out. Conveniently, our arms rest right where this thing folds up for storage/travel, so when baby fusses, we throw our arms in half asleep, and pat his butt. Everyone goes back to sleep. wife says this is her #1 favorite baby purchase. – Nathan

The RONBEI sleeper and bassinet are irresstibly comfortable and undeniably cozy. It helps you sleep like a baby – when your little one sleeps ,you can too.

Why do we love it?

This is a perfect bedside sleeper that converts the the Bassinet over to Bedside Sleeper mode so your little one is within arm’s reach throughout the night. It has comfortable fabric which is soft on the skin and the open mesh sides allow more breathable comfort and visibility,giving baby a cooler and comfortable space to rest. Soothing sounds lull baby to sleep and toy provide baby to feel and grab. It has a washable mattress cover and the height and feet are adjutable.

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I am a mom who works from home and I need a bassinet that works with me too. This is so perfect for me because if I am not at my desk, I’m in the kitchen, living room, and in my bedroom. It is so light enough to drag around the house and it is so amazingly portable and adjustable to the point that it is right there with me. I am really impressed with the adjustable components of this baby bed because it makes it accessible for me to attend to my baby. It just easily slides everywhere I’m at. The sheet cover is washable with no problems. There are no real hassles with this bassinet. The music box and the toy are an added bonus for my baby. – Amazon Customer

The Fisher Price acts as both a portable infant play space and napping spot. It is perfect for at home or travel with your baby

Why do we love it?

This provides security & Happiness as the dome’s soft padding and sun-blocking canopy helps your baby feel secure when outside the home. The linkable toys overhead grab your baby’s attention and encourage eye tracking. The toys within your baby’s reach help to strengthen their dexterity as they try and grab them. This cozy, portable play space features a comfy pad for your baby to nap or play on, a canopy that protects against the sun’s bright rays, and insect-protective netting.

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This is ranking in a close second, behind my baby brezza. Compact, Convenient, perfect for any baby 7m or younger. Well priced. Wonderful quality! We took this to the beach. It sits just enough off the ground where sand didn’t get in. The mesh in the sides priovides a nice breeze. And the cover on top allows for sun block. Take my advise, buy this!! – Jessica Wilking