Best Maternity Belts 2021

Everybody loves an expanding baby bump. However, this thrill is accompanied by growing pains and discomfort that tend to hamper your flexibility and slow down your movement. This is when you need to use a maternity belt to help relieve the pain and get some hip, pelvic and back support. These belts are available in multiple shapes and sizes and can be used after you deliver as well.

Why do you need a maternity belt?

What you experience is ‘round ligament pain’. These are typically shooting pains that become prominent after the 14th week of pregnancy. This happens because your uterus is expanding and growing out of the pelvis. This is absolutely normal and lots of women experience the pain during the second and third trimester.

These ligament pains are felt when you change positions – indulge in physical activity, stand-up, sit-down, start to walk etc. so maternity belts are a very helpful buy.

Maternity belts are not the same as belly bands and extenders which are more to help you wear what you want for a while. Maternity belts on the other hand are more to provide relief and provide uterus support and help keep the baby off the pelvis.

What should one look for in a maternity belt?

When selecting a belt, make no compromise on its features. Any belt should offer the following

Relief & comfort: The maternity belt must be comfortable when you wear it. Check the fit to make sure it supports your abdomen and back.

Easily washable: Choose a belt that can be easily washed in the machine as it will require weekly cleaning. This saves a lot of effort and time.

Price: When picking a maternity belt, select for something that is very good quality and worth the money being spent. There are quite a few reasonably priced belts in the market.

Here are the best maternity belts selected by us, that offer maximum relief.

The NeoTech Maternity support belt is specifically designed for lower back pain caused during pregnancy. It redistributes the pressure evenly, taking the burden off from the lower back. It is a belt to be tied around the waist, to reduce the load of the pregnancy weight. Made using breathable material along with an elastic lining makes it super comfortable to wear. It is available in different sizes and you can measure yourself easily and choose your right size.

Why do we love it?

The maternity belt from NeoTech is everything one could ask for in a product. Inspite of keeping its target to help relieve back pain, it also caters to other pregnancy problems such as getting relief from hip, pelvic and sacroiliac pain while further minimizing spinal strain. We understand the importance of walking around all the time, and still being able to wear a belt while doing work is just awesome!

Check out what its users say

I never write reviews, and there’s already over 3000 steller reviews for this belt. So why bother? Because you need to buy it. No really. It’s that good. I’m 32 weeks into an averagely uncomfortable pregnancy thus far, but started having really bad back and pelvic pain the last couple of weeks. Getting up and down at work was getting hard to manage. Walking the dog hurt like hell. I waddled in pain everywhere I went. I bought this, hoping it might help a little and didn’t plan on wearing it all the time. BUT OMG GUYS. I wore it to work and while walking the dog a couple days, then went without it in the same situations (you know, for the sake of science). When I wear it, I can go an entire shift without my back seizing up, my pelvis feeling like a loose sack of glass shards, or waddling slowly in pain. I just feel normal. It helps far more than I anticipated. I walked my dog for HALF AN HOUR without pain, rather than two blocks. So. Excited. Upsides, besides making you feel like your 20 week self again: 1) It’s smoother under clothes than I anticipated, and I wear fitted maternity shirts. 2) Comfortable material – I wear over the belly pants but the back part is on my skin, hasn’t rubbed or been a problem. 3) Doesn’t slip – I wear it without the over-belly band and it stays in place. Couple of downsides that just aren’t a deal, but I’ll mention anyway. 1) Have to take it off to pee. Which is often. I just take the back portion off and hike the belly band up to my boobs and do my business, then reassemble. Not too difficult. 2) I read the instructions and still don’t understand the extra Velcro thing. But the band fits perfectly after measuring the way they say before ordering, so whatever. 3) Takes a bit of trial and error to get it positioned well the first time, but once you do, you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Other than not being in pain, that is. Tl;dr : If you’re pregnant with back and/or pelvic pain, take your measurements and buy this. -Rebecca

The Jill & Joey maternity belt has been a doctor recommended product which helps in dealing with pelvic, lower back and hip pain along with reducing the spinal pressure. The belt has been made using velcro, which makes it an adjustable belt for any mother according to the size that suits her best. The fabric used is cotton which is a very light and breathable material.

Why do we love it?

This belt is not only a good product but also publicly ranked by What To Expect as ‘the best lightweight pregnancy belt’. During pregnancy extra fluid and the pressure from the uterus could causing swelling in the ankles and feet, otherwise known as edema. Jill & Joey have kept this in mind whilst making their product and have been ranked as a ‘best for swelling’ maternity belt by SheKnows. You can wear your beautiful clothes on top of this belt, which helps mothers with pain while allowing them to wear their attires.

Check out what its users say

I just recently received the Jill & Joey belly band and have used it a couple of times now. I could immediately feel a difference the second I put it on. I am 29 weeks pregnant and starting to feel really uncomfortable. Wearing the band throughout the day really helped make moving around and getting comfortable in my chair so much easier. The band is of great quality. It came in a cute little zip bag for storage and a card with some history on the company and instructions for correct placement. I searched around for a little while trying to figure out what band I wanted to buy. I like this particular band because of the width of the band. Without ever using another band, I feel like the width helps support me well over what I thought other bands with smaller widths in the front would have done. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and I would recommend this product to other moms without a doubt. Thank you! -Sarah

The BABYGO 4 in 1 maternity support belt is versatile in nature, as the name suggests it caters to more than one problem for our pregnant mothers. Available in different sizes helps mothers like us choose the best suited belt for our grown belly. Along with alleviating lower back, hip and pelvic pain, it also supports postpartum recovery.

Why do we love it?

We understand the severe pain mothers go through during the last days of our pregnancy. Unlike other brands BABYGO did not only help out with this terrible pain, but also provides a solution post delivery. Carrying around the excessive weight gain can be difficult to handle, hence the belt helps with recovery and speeds up the healing process. It does this by supporting the core muscles and ligaments that were streched during the pregnancy. It also comes with a 40 page pregnancy book which highlights the yoga stretches for the mom and the baby, along with trimester targetted exercises that help in smooth delivery.

Check out what its users say

This belt has been a gamechanger for my daughter. She has been suffering with back pain in her pregnancy starting at about 6 months. She told me, Mom, immediately after i put the belt on, i have NO back pain. It has made all the difference in her daily life. She smiles now and is happy…no pain! We are do grateful to have found your product and i love seeing my daughter smiling and happy as she gets bigger with her first baby. Lol. Thank you so much! And i say the benefits of this support belt far outweigh the price. It fit her perfect and i would recommend to any woman expecting a new baby. It can completely change the way you feel. Thank you once again and God Bless You and your business! -Sherry l Turner

The AZMED maternity belt is a beige colour product, available in free size, since it uses velcro to adjust the size according to your belly. This product provides relief to the dreadful pregnancy pain that is caused during the pregnancy days. It helps in correcting the poor posture and supporting the abdominal muscles, which lifts the body for daily activities.

Why do we love it?

It is often difficult to wear these belts on the outside, because it hides the gorgeous attires and can be uncomfortable. AZMED have made their maternity belt using light fabric which makes it breathable to wear and including you, nobody will know you’re wearing one underneath! AZMED has sold this product to over 1.3 million mothers out there, who just like everyone need a little help to get going!

Check out what its users say

I am a plus size lady and was a bit worried this might not fit as I was a little over 30 weeks when I purchased this. I am so pleased to say it not only fits but helps me out SO much! I have had a surgery to correct my cervix and it caused my stomach muscles to weaken. Long story short after my c section (2nd pregnancy) it caused more sagging and pain with this pregnancy. When I got the maternity belt my world has literally changed! I wish I had been recommend to get one sooner as I am 31 weeks into my pregnancy now but the pain in my back feels like I’m only getting into the 20s! It is soft and very strong, so far I have not had an issue with the velcro coming undone while it’s on. I have it on all the time unless I’m sleeping, it fits over my clothes which is a big plus for me so its easier to adjust if I need to. For anyone wanting to know a rough size comparison I was a size 20/22 before pregnancy and currently a size 26 comfortably. I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone including my fellow plus size moms. 😁 The picture shows no belt on top and with belt on the bottom. I hope this review helps you. -Katherine Berry

The Nu Momz maternity belt is designed to help moms-to-be with their pregnancy issues. The belt is available in free size, since its a wrap around belt it is super convenient for moms to put it on. It helps manage pain, remain comfortable and maintain a correct posture.

Why do we love it?

Usually maternity belts cater to waist sizes upto 45 inches, but Nu Momz changed that to 50 inches, making it pluz size friendly. The cotton made belt, is extremely light on the body and also can be tightened around your belly to prevent strech marks. I have personally purchased during my pregnancy days and it has been a lifesaver, since it helps even out the unborn baby’s weight, it takes off a lot of pressure off the lower back and provides instant relief. Nu Momz has answered every physically struggling pregnant mother’s questions and answered them by giving us this amazing product!

Check out what its users say

After using an SI belt at physical therapy I was looking for a pregnancy friendly belt to help support my low back while still being comfortable to wear while pregnant. I am updating my review from my previous 1-star. I figured out that this belt has to be placed on your belly just so in order for it to be tight enough around your waist. I had several failed attempts (there are no instructions with this product) but the Velco should line up on your left side which allows you to adjust. The thing I like most about this belt is that it is breathable and I can wear it at night without over heating. I also think even though it is a thicker material it is not very visible under most of my summer clothing (that is pretty tight). For reference I am 5’2” and bought this at the end of my 2nd trimester. Original waist was 27 inches. This is worth the price point just to try. I also suggest giving it a few days to work along with whatever stretches, change of shoes, chiropractic care you are receiving to all work together to help. -MinnesotaMermaid