Best Musical Cot Mobiles 2021

It may appear that all newborns do is eat and sleep in the initial months of their lives. What may come as a surprise to you is that they are actively getting to know the world using their senses. Your interaction activates the senses; however, cot mobiles also boost this process.

Cot mobiles have been a success in capturing your child’s attention and even help them dose off. These simple and affordable toys are loved by babies and easy to assemble.

Why is a cot mobile required?

Cot mobiles are definitely fun for the baby and add to the design of the nursery – but the role they play is more than just aesthetics. They also benefit the baby. According Dr. Lee, a pediatrician and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics “During the first few months after a child is born, they get attracted to bold and contrasting colors, this makes crib mobiles ideal for their visual development,” This decorative Baby mobile which is placed above cribs, strollers, changing stations, or car seats, offer more than just decor. As discussed above, they visually stimulate your baby. From seeing things closely to far away, from black and white to multi colored dimensional figures – crib mobiles act as a stimulant.

They also help with your baby’s motor skills development. At around the age of 3 months they follow moving objects with their eyes, soon after which they try to reach for the objects and eventually name some of the objects.

Apart from sensory development, baby mobiles also comfort and sooth babies. These are mostly the musical crib mobiles with muted colors and patterns.

Different types of cot mobiles

These crib mobiles primarily come in three designs. You can hang these mobiles from the ceiling, clip them onto the side rails of a baby’s cot, or attach it to your baby’s car seat and stroller. The ones that come with music stimulate your baby’s hearing and the ones with light comfort the baby at night. These come in pastels, black and white (preferred for the first 6 weeks) or bright and bold colors. The ones that are bold and have shar designs keep the baby captivated the longest.

Make sure your crib mobile is safe

Crib mobiles are mostly to put the baby to sleep or catch their attention when you are not monitoring them; that is why it is important that these do not act as a potential danger for the child. It shouldn’t potentially strangulate, suffocate or choke your baby. It should be firmly attached to the crib or stroller so that no loose part falls on the baby. Dr. Lee suggests that mobiles with small parts, that may come apart pose as a choking hazard and should be avoided.

You need to Hang the crib mobile in such a way that it he can’t grab it and pull it off. It should be around 12 inches away from the infant’s face and to the side of his line of vision so it can be seen.

Read the installation manual and test it to ensure it is fixed firmly and immovable. Keeping all the guidelines and purposes in mind, here are our top suggestions for cot mobiles.

This Crib mobile is suitable for babies above 0 months. It is a musical mobile with 18 non-repetitive melodies, for a sensory music spectacle. This baby mobile converts into a stand-alone music box, growing along from baby to toddler.

Why do we love it?

This vibrant cot mobile with adorable animals is easy to set up and ideal to keep your infant captivated. This night mobile plays up to 40 minutes of non-repetitive and calming melodies – 18 different tunes and has adorable characters that visually stimulate baby, giving a sense of familiarity. The baby crib mobile enhances your baby’s development and stimulates developmental wonders like emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, senses, language and communication and cognition. This is a promising cot-mobile for endless fun.

Check out what its users say

‘My boy is now 3 months… he’s been enjoying this classical music mobile since 6 weeks. The variety of music is ideal. One good for calming and soothing him to sleep… another is ideal for keeping him entertained and the other makes him laugh and scream. He recently started trying to kick the animals and can press the button to start the music itself so well worth it. Sometimes the clicking noise can get a bit much (for myself) as it hits and spins but it doesn’t disturb him at all and he sleeps well after falling asleep to the noise. I love that the rotating animals can be easily removed with the press on one button. At night I sometimes remove it to not over stimulate him. Worth the money… I can imagine him growing out of it anytime soon. The nightlight is cute too and sometimes he wakes up and just turns to looks at it.’ – All that glitters

‘This was the only thing that would pacify my son when he was 6 months & under, to the extent that we took this mobile pretty much everywhere with us. The 3 spinning animals are so cute & nice bright colors, meaning that young babies whose eyes haven’t developed color vision yet can still see the mobile well. My son used to watch it for hours. Even when he was older, he used to go to investigate if he heard it switched on in another room! The only thing that I would say is that it would be good if you could select the music/ white noise that you would like to hear from the options & put it on repeat. If this was possible, this really would be absolutely perfect.’ – Missysin

The Infantino 3 in 1 Projector Musical Mobile has three modes in one. It is fully safety tested with 6 melodies and 4 nature sounds.  It is a multifunctional product for the cot and tabletop It has 3 modes: musical mobile, crib night light and table top light and projector. 

Why do we love it?

The design of the cot mobile helps babies and toddlers feel safe at night so that they sleep soundly. The babies love watching the toys rotate along with a light and music show. A song lasts around 20 minutes after which the mobile automatically turns off giving you enough time to have a shower or send out an email. This is a smartly designed product for happy parenting that has a night mode to put the baby to sleep and a wake up mode to simulate daylight.

Check out what its users say

‘My daughter loves this mobile , the bright colors and the changeable sounds. I love the projection stars and the music is very soothing. Very easy to assemble love the little characters. I think £39.99 is a lot for a cot mobile however this is comparable to other mobiles which cost in the region of £59 which again is ridiculous so it’s worth the splurge’ – Ashley Penrose 

‘I bought this mobile for my daughter this Christmas. Not only does it lull her to sleep at night with one of its 4 music/noise settings but she absolutely adores it during the day and gets fixated by the rotating objects. Have to say it also helps my boyfriend to get to sleep faster too, the day we put it up he went to sleep in a record breaking 5 minutes, lasted 8 hours between feeds.’ – Victoria Page

The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is a colorful and engaging mobile that easily goes everywhere with your baby. From a very young age, babies will appreciate the sense of security and continuity invoked by taking this mobile along everywhere they go

Why do we love it?

This mobile helps your baby to discover the Seven Developmental Wonders – cognition, language, fine motor skills, senses, gross motor skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence. It can be used on cribs, play yards, carriers, strollers, bassinets and more. It engages and delights the baby with its spinning toys. The engaging black and white contrasts provide visual stimulation for babies as their site is still developing. It also has 5 different melodies and provides entertainment for 30 minutes at a stretch.

Check out what its users say

‘This little mobile is a life saver. It has many options and can be used on a bassinet, rock and play, etc. but where this really shines is in the infant carrier car seat. My son absolutely hates riding in the car and used to scream during every car ride. We bought this and it has been a lifesaver. My son loves the bright, contrasting colors, as well as the music. We turn the mobile on each time we load him into the car seat and he stares and smiles at the mobile. It also has an option to spin with no music if parents get tired of listening to the same four or so jingles it plays. The calm car rides we now have are well worth the money we paid for this!’ – Ian Bruce

‘This little mobile is the best thing I have discovered since becoming a mom. My 6 week old (who previously yelled anytime we put her down for even a minute) will happily hang out in the bassinet watching this thing for 20 or 30 minutes! It’s a lifesaver. I did have to rig it a bit because it does have a tendency to tip over if it’s attached over fabric (the arms of our bassinet are fabric-lined), so be prepared for that, but once I got it locked into place it’s been perfectly stable. I also love that you can have the mobile spin with or without music – the music it comes with is fine, but it’s nice to have the option to listen to something else while baby watches the mobile. (I know some reviews have commented on the sound of the motor, but ours is whisper-quiet.) Considering most comparable products seem to cost 3x as much, this mobile is a steal for the price.’ – S.J. Marie

The Tiny Princess Tales Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is the clever way to entertain your child from baby through to toddler both at home and on the go. This adorable princess-themed mobile is two items in one.

Why do we love it?

This toy is very cute and keeps your baby entertained for long spells of time. It grows with your baby from a crib mobile to a stand-alone music box that toddlers can carry on their own. It has a variety of musical categories and tunes, providing continuous and non-repeating music for your child to enjoy. The special soothing motion of the mobile captures baby’s attention and keeps them engaged. Colorful buttons allow your child to activate and change the music on their own to aid with cause-and-effect learning. The unique design features two high quality speakers for great sound and easy to control volume.

Check out what its users say

‘I ordered 2 other mobiles and returned before finding this one – and I’m so glad I did. It’s VERY cute and all the different tunes, light, and how the animals move keep my baby entertained for a good hour – that’s priceless for a mom that needs to take a shower, get some laundry going, cook/eat something quickly… you know what I mean. We also have made this part of bed-time; after his evening bath, I feed him while playing the slower tunes and he associates the music with bed-time, it soothes him and relaxes him.’ – Gabs

‘We bought this when our first child was born 5 years ago. The music box is awesome! The mobile part was okay and we used it only for a short time. But the music box- we have literally used it for every nap on a daily basis for years! Now on second kid and still love it! The music is pretty and not sharp; I have never gotten sick of it even with listening to it for hours a day, every day. We have taken the music box in our suitcases every time we travel. Despite our high frequency use we only need to change the batteries 2-3 times per year. Of the hundreds of things, we have purchased on amazon for our kids, I have only reviewed this one – given how amazing it has been working all this time, how sturdy it is, and how pretty the music is I felt it was deserving of my time to review. Highly recommend this product.’ – MP

This baby musical crib mobile can project 3 different colors of star and cartoon images and play various types of tunes creating an amazing environment for your baby sleeping

Why do we love it?

This crib immerses your baby in a world of music – 6 nursery rhymes, 5 sounds of nature, 10 musical organs, 150 lullabies – these sounds are adjustable and continue to play until you turn them off. All the functions are remote controlled preventing you from disturbing your baby while they are asleep. The crib mobile rotation, it attracts your baby’s attention making them feel they are on a merry-go- round. This is also a multipurpose toy and can in use for a longer period as compared to the others.

Check out what its users say

‘We fixed this for our pack n play play yard, works perfectly fine. My daughter is three weeks now and already enjoying the music. The instructions manual is not straight Forward but we were able to figure out by looking at the fully assembled one and mapping the parts/steps in the manual.’ – Sindhuri Thota

‘I love this! I like being able to turn on when not in room.’ – Rachel Bauder

The Fisher Price 3-in-1!-Musical crib mobile comes with motorized action and up to 20 minutes of lullaby music. It acts as a crib mobile, stroller mobile and toddler take along.

Why do we love it?

As a crib mobile it helps soothe your baby at naptime or bedtime. As a stroller mobile, it easily clips to almost any stroller canopy so baby can enjoy seeing those familiar faces and taking them along for the ride! The soft, spinning animal friends help enhance eye-tracking and visual skills, while the gentle music helps stimulate hearing and listening skills. When the musical birdie is removed from the mobile it becomes a baby-activated toy, introducing cause & effect.

Check out what its users say

‘My baby loves this thing! My baby boy is about 10 weeks old now. We got this to help him make the transition from his bassinet to his crib. We have been using it for a couple weeks. I originally got it because I knew he needed something to look up at and thought the stars on this mobile looked really cool. It’s something I would have liked as a kid and he loves it! He likes watching the butterfly bears rotation. Looking up to the stars as they light up his wall. He lays there and smiles and laughs at them. I haven’t had a chance to use the remote yet just because I need to buy more batteries; but it seems like a cool feature as well. It was also easy to assemble. The only thing that bugged me at first was I couldn’t get it to lock in “perfectly level” it tilts a tiny bit but maybe that’s part of the design so the stars hit the wall at an angle? It’s just my OCD. Over all my baby loves it and that’s all that matters.’ – Jensen Family

‘My daughter loves this mobile so much. We bought a cheaper one to start thinking it wouldn’t get used and it broke. Bought this as a replacement and it has been amazing. My daughter loves to look up at the stars, and she drifts off to sleep so easily. I love the remote, and auto shut off features. It’s been up for months now with no issue, and no battery replacement. Love this’. – Kailynne Degan