Best Nipple Shields 2021


You may feel that moms make breastfeeding look so easy but don’t worry, that’s not the case. It’s a natural process but some new moms require a little help to kickstart smooth breastfeeding!

Even if you get off to a difficult breastfeeding start, it doesn’t mean you won’t come around to nursing with ease. A little assistance with your breastfeeding nipple shields and you and your baby will find a sync.

What is a breastfeeding nipple shield?

A breastfeeding nipple shield is a nipple shaped silicon that you place over your own to help the baby latch on. These soft and flexible baby shields stay in place while you are feeding due to the suction cup-like design. They don’t irritate the skin and help in breastfeeding by allowing milk to flow through the hole in the tip of each nursing nipple shield.

Why do you need to use a nipple shield?

Not all mothers who breastfeed require breastfeeding nipple shields. Women who are finding it difficult to get their babies to latch are the ones in need of it.

Some babies don’t take to the breast for reasons that are not entirely clear. But for others, the baby is unable to latch could be because of flat or inverted nipples. It is particularly difficult for premature or tongue-tied babies to latch on as well.

Cracks and soreness from breastfeeding is quite common, using a nipple shield to help these symptoms from worsening is recommended.

How to use nipple shield?

We recommend that you go to a certified lactation consultant before you buy your breastfeeding shield. Sometimes just changing nursing positions could be the solution. However, if that has not worked, they will be the best people to guide you about your breastfeeding nipple shield, as using an improper one could lead to complexities while breastfeeding.

You need to secure the baby shield in place and may require some warm water on the underside to stick it. If water is not helping it to stick in place, use a little nipple cream. Now roll the shield over the nipple while ensuring your nipple fits into the nipple of the shield. It’s alright if you notice some space as once the baby sucks, your nipple expands to fit the shield.

Please note that nipple shields are not permanent solutions, the plan is to use it temporarily till the baby latches on and you are able to nurse the baby without assistance. If you have any questions, your lactation consultant is the best person to answer them.

How to pick the right nipple shield sizes?

Most nipple shields will have a size mentioned and the diameter of shield nipple mentioned in millimeters. If you are still confused about it, speak to a lactation professional who can guide you.

Now that you have decided to go ahead with nipple shields, in our opinion these are the best nipple shields for breastfeeding:

The Medela Contact Nipple Shield is designed for not only breastfeeding moms but also for both healthcare and lactation professionals. The manufacturers have kept in mind the difficulties and addressed all of them, including latching difficulties, overactive letdowns, flat or inverted nipples, and even soreness and irritation.

Why do we love it?

This nipple shield caters to the special needs of breastfeeding, making it super convienent for you and your baby. We love this product because of the unique shape designed to maximise skin-to-skin contact between you and your little one. It is available in different sizes, helping you choose which best suits you and your baby. It’s made using 100% ultra-thin soft sillicone and is BPA free. This is the ideal nipple shield if you are looking for one!

Check out what its users say

As a new mom I have not experience in nursing. People scared me saying it will hurt me. So i did some research and found this item. My baby is 2 1/2 months and no cracked nipples so far, it really makes nursing less painful at least for me is somehow comfy. I gave him milk without it on time because I misplaced my nipple shield and my nipple got sore with in 6 times for my baby’s saliva . My baby pick it up the shield very easy, I give him bottle as well, and he can switch between with no difficulties. Whit this shield milk flows easier, gave me reassurance because the shield fills with milk. so I was sure I was producing enough milk. My baby even recognizes the shield and smiles because he knows is feeding time. For the price is totally worth it, please save yourself some pain and try this you won’t regret your purchase. It help my nipple to shape, now I am able to feed my baby without it just fine but I keep using it to help my baby to make milk flows faster. Easy to clean and easy to use. Careful when you remove it because creates a vacuum seal that can hurt if you don’t relieve the air first. Amazing product! I totally recommend this for new moms. -Cynthia Hellmich

The Purifyou premium nipple shields is designed in such a way so that your little one gets all the nutrients it requires. It comes with a FREE pacifier case that fits nipple shields, breast shields, and pacifiers. Made using sillicone material, it is free of any harmful chemicals which makes it very safe to use.

Why do we love it?

We absoultely love this product because the makers have kept in mind everything a perfect product needs. The best part about this product is that it is easily accessible, and includes 3 covers in a set, making it super easy for moms who are constanty working. It’s safe and easy to use, Non-toxic, BPA Free, BPS Free, latex-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and worry-free. Also, comes with a complimentary cotton bag.

Check out what its users say

Thank you for making this product! I have a 2 week old who could never latch to my breast (likely due to my nipple being too short for him to successfully latch). I just received these in the mail, and they worked immediately! He went for it right away and latched on perfectly on the first try, and we had a 20 minute nursing session! This is an incredible relief because I have been pumping for him every few hours in addition to feeding him bottles, and the time and cleaning involved in the process was making things very difficult. Not only that, I was dreading dragging my pump and bottles around everywhere once we start having outings. Now I can feed him on demand anywhere thanks to this product! Thank you!!! Update: we were able to wean from the shield after about a month and we are still breastfeeding exclusively at almost 14 months! I’m happy I was able to use this to help us through our challenges and that now he nurses like a champ without it! -Brit.S

The Cradle Plus Nipple shield is a 5 pack complete breast feeding set that includes 2 nipple shields, 1 storage box and 2 breast shells milk savers or collectors. It is tested to ensure zero Chemical leaching, no BPA, leads, or Phthalates.

Why do we love it?

The 5 set product has been curated to make sure the mother does not go through a lot of pain that can be caused due to breastfeeding, it does this by making sure the nipple shield acts as a barrier during sucking to help relieve the pain. Their nursing cups are made to prevent liquid gold wastage, because they can be used with any bra, it avoids the milk from leaking while the mothers are nursing, pumping or performing daily chores. The breast shells have been made with a spout that allows air ventilation which also doubles for use to poor out collected milk into bottles.

Check out what its users say

Great product and very useful combo of items. I used to use the Haakaa during feedings but stopped because my baby kicks it off. The shells are easy to use and stay tucked into your nursing bra without falling off. The only downside is I was hoping to use the shells as a replacement to the disposable boob-things but found the shells get itchy after a while (especially on a hotter day). The nipple shields are awesome. My newborn has matching issues and this made nursing easier for both of us. I’ve never used any other brand but I did notice the nipple shields lose some of their stickiness after a few washes. Could be normal but they work much better when the silicone is a bit grippy. -The Val

The FJQOP Nipple Shield is made using 100% soft sillicone material, which is safe and non-toxic for the baby and the mother. The product has been designed to fit all nipple sizes and continue breastfeeding irrespective of any problems such as latching difficulties or cracked nipples. Once used, the nipple shield can be sterilised in boiling water, to help clean it properly.

Why do we love it?

We love this product for several reasons, such as the innovative cut-out which helps increasing contact between you and your little one, hence promotes the beautiful bonding experience of breastfeeding. Since its been made using soft sillicone material, it makes the nipple shield extra soft and comfortable for both the baby and mother. They are very easy to clean and can be easily stored, making it a hassle free product.

Check out what its users say

Mother of 4 and this is the first time I have a baby who couldn’t latch. I have a larger nipple which my little one could not figure out how to grab long enough to eat at all. Lactation experts couldn’t get him to latch and I was loosing faith in that form of bonding time with baby. He’s 11 days old and bottle fed all my breast milk. I was so excited to find this shield that is not just for inverted nipples but houses mine as well and literally as soon as it arrived I washed it and my baby latched IMMEDIATELY!!! Tears of joy for sure. I wish I’d ordered 2! No more pumping each meal. I’ll finally get to nurse my baby on demand thanks to this product. Strongly recommend!!!! -Sra. Morenita

The MAM Nipple Shield is available in 2 different sizes, their main agenda is to provide protection against sore nipples. It includes a storage case that sterilizes nipple shields in the microwave in just 3 minutes. Made using silicone material, makes the nipple shield extra soft for the mother and the baby.

Why do we love it?

The MAM nipple shield is such a great product since it includes all the plus points a nipple shield needs. With a textured surface gentle on baby’s skin and allowing air to flow between baby and shield, it makes sure it fulfills the needs of hardworking parents. The storage case is reusable and perfect for travel and on the go. Since it can be carried around easily, it makes it a useful element for working mothers. The maximised skin-to-skin contact helps increase the connect between the baby and the mother.

Check out what its users say

I have large, shallow nipples and this size 2 fits perfectly. I had a c section and had to supplement with formula while waiting for my milk to come in. Unfortunately, I allowed my baby to feed from the bottle rather than a syringe or cup, and she got used to the silicone. I could not get her to latch on my breast after that and tried medela and lansinoh shields but neither would stay on (she has very active hands). I was getting ready to give up until I decided to try this MAM shield. The rubbing of the silicone on my nipple when my baby sucked was a little painful when getting used to them but eventually we figured out how to latch so it was not as painful. I have large breasts and these stay on pretty well during feedings…it definitely helps to use nipple cream on the wings to keep it in place. With this shield, we went from 75% formula feeding to exclusively breastfeeding in about a week. It also comes with a plastic case which you can pop in the microwave to sterilize between uses. Highly recommend! Super thankful to have found something that works for us…I’m purchasing a second pair and thought I’d writing a review while I’m here. -B. Aguon