Best Pregnancy Pillow 2021


“When I was pregnant, one of the best buys that I treasure till date was my pregnancy pillow. Right as we hit the middle of the second trimester and the belly got slightly bigger, needing extra support under my tummy and behind my back became extremely important. Sleeping with it was the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless night where I was constantly adjusting my position to be comfortable.

This pillow was used right from my 20th week all the way up to the delivery, including in the hospital when I wanted to hug something during my contractions. In fact it was even used by my partner when he slept by my side in the hospital chair so he didn’t have to be uncomfortable The hilarious bit is, that we even used this post the pregnancy as a breastfeeding pillow, for tummy time for our baby and just as a cuddle pillow for whoever was sleeping in the spare room without the baby. Now you know exactly how important this buy is in pregnancy.”

Why do you need a maternity pillow?

If the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you, here are the factual reasons you need one. A growing belly means multiple things; discomfort in the back, extra pressure on the front belly and extra pressure on your hips and knees. With this, add the safe sleep position later in pregnancy, which is on your side, ideally on your left side and you want something that gives you comfort and helps you sleep on your safe sidethat’s where a pregnancy body pillow comes in handy.  

These pillows provide support to different parts of your body; some to your back, others to your knees, others just to your belly and some to all of the above. Using one can make you more comfortable when you head to bed at night and help prevent aches and pains in the morning. 

So how do you choose the best pregnancy pillow for you 

This depends on a few factors and what you prefer. The good news is, there is one to suit every pregnant woman. A few factors to consider when purchasing a pillow is:  

  • Size: Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Some take up a lot of space and some just enough to make you comfortable but not take over the bed. How much space you have on your bed can be a determining factor. Like my partner said, the U-shaped pillow I bought during my pregnancy was like a third person in our bed. 
  • Shape: Some pillows are just for your head and knees while others support the whole body. Some other pregnancy body pillows have a curve that support your bump. Depending on where you’re most uncomfortable, the shape will make a difference. I loved the U-shaped pillow, whereas my best friend just wanted a wedge between her knees to be comfortable. Each person sleeps differently, and you must choose what is best for you. 
  • Material: This is not a big factor, but you can consider this, especially as sometimes pregnant women feel hotter than when you are not pregnant. If you are one of them, you probably want a cover that’s made from cotton instead of polyester, which is less breathable. 

Below is a list of our favourite body pillows that will help you get a more comfortable nights’ sleep.

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is a grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support pregnancy pillow. It is 100% Jersey cotton and provides support for back, hips, legs and belly for pregnant women

Why do we love it?

This full body pillow is more than just a pregnancy pillow. It is perfect for anyone needing more support, recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back.  It helps ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more. The pregnancy pillow has a detachable extension that can be used as its own full body pillow, or attached to the main body pillow for additional back or belly support, making this an excellent pillow for pregnant women and just about anyone else! 

Check out what its users say

‘LOVED this pillow!! Wish I wouldn’t have waited so late in my pregnancy to get it!! It was also great to take to the hospital and helps when I breastfeed in our bed! Would definitely buy again! – Linzi Cochran 

The Queen Rose 60-inch Pregnancy Pillow is a U-Shaped full body pillow with satin cover for back support for anyone.

Why do we love it?

This High-end Pregnancy Pillow has a Unique Design, is ergonomical and super soft giving you a good night’s sleep throughout your pregnancy. It is designed to follow the shape of the pregnancy mom, long enough for you to support both sides of your bod. It provides pain relief and customers have used this pillow effectively for back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome. It eliminates tossing and turning. It is a versatile Pillow and Multi-Functional – it creates a comfortable position when sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV or movie. Total Body Support for a painless and sound sleep!

Check out what its users say

‘I am obsessed! Soon as it came out of the package that kept it flat, it poofed right up. And the grey cover is so soft. You can fluff it up for more support and it’s very versatile. Takes up half the bed so hubby is still fine, maybe just a little jealous lol. He just ends up cuddling the side I’m not using! Recommend this to anyone!’ – Sarah Long 

The cozy bump pregnancy pillow valve is easily inflated & deflated with the extra-large valve. It can be adjusted to fit your unique belly size

Why do we love it?

This is the only pregnancy pillow that relieves tension on maternal blood vessels. This reduces the need for c-sections by comfortably laying in the optimal birthing position with the only pregnancy pillow on the market that offers this position. The Cozy Bump is one of the chosen pregnancy pillows as it is made of 100% cotton and comfortable for a better sleep throughout your pregnancy. This pillow has health benefits because when lying on your stomach your lungs are able to expand and take in more air. Allowing more air into the lungs helps them to fight off infections.

Check out what its users say

‘My wife is 31 weeks along. She is a very petite mother to be, carrying a very big baby boy. Causing her frequent pelvis, belly and back pain. I took pictures of her trying this out, unknowingly to her. What I caught was an unintentional, genuine smile of instant relief! Seeing this filled my heart with joy and made me EXTREMELY satisfied with purchase this so far! Directions are very clear and simple to use. I would highly recommend this for your loved ones experiencing any discomfort!’ – Jeremy P.

The Boppy Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow is a one-piece pregnancy pillow that can be used in multiple ways to make you and your growing baby bump more comfortable. Its unique contoured design supports your body head-to-toe.

Why do we love it?

This pillow has a unique contoured shape and provides 40 weeks of comfort. It is designed to follow the shape of a growing baby bump. The body pillow is great for prenatal support and beyond through postpartum recovery. This versatile pillow not only helps you get comfy while sleeping on your side, but also while lounging or sitting. Even the rest of your family may try to borrow this pillow!

Check out what its users say

‘This pillow has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy. I was having huge problems getting decent sleep before but now that I have been using the pillow so much pressure has been taken off my hips and back. I also use it to sit up in bed to watch tv or lounge. Also great for mommas with indigestion and need to be elevated during sleep. The half pillow design keeps from taking up our entire bed as others have in the past. I can get a great night’s sleep without disturbing my husband.’ – MdThompson

The Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow gives you back and bump support at the same time. Two connected pillows stretch around you to give you all-around support. It has a unique stay-put design.

Why do we love it?

It has a thoughtful design which saves space, helps you to stay on your side when sleeping, supports your bump and back, and grows with your changing body. It is the perfect pregnancy pillow if you are trying to leave a little room for your partner while getting used to sleeping on your side. Great for sleeping and for getting comfy while lounging at home. It provides stability and comfort for your bump and back. The Side Sleeper keeps you from rolling on your back or stomach, so you stay on your side and it keeps you comfortable in the doctor recommended side sleeping position.

Check out what its users say

‘Used this from about 20 weeks pregnant to help me sleep on my side. I use it every night and am now 39 weeks and 4 days. It is a life safer!! The cover stretches a little with use, but shrinks back once you wash it. Picture is my 39 week belly. Careful though, if your dog is like mine, it might try to steal it every time you get out of bed to use the restroom! Haha.’ – Annette

bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is an award-winning pregnancy, breastfeeding & full body support maternity pillow with dusty pink pillow cover and vanilla silicone pebbles.

Why do we love it?

It helps relieve pain, helping you to get a better night’s sleep. The pillow is adjustable and adapts to a pregnant body throughout all stages of the pregnancy. It provides 5-point support in the pelvis, lower back, abdomen, knees and ankles. Its adjustable firmness with two BPA-free silicon pebbles helps keep you comfortable and cool. You can tie both ends of your pregnancy pillow, shape it into a donut and place your tummy on top and rest on your belly. Even if you are nursing twins, both will be able to fit comfortably on the pillow.

Check out what its users say

‘I wanted a pillow that wasn’t too bulky, and this was the only one that fit what I wanted. The price is so worth it- I love that I can curve the pillow so I can lay on my stomach temporarily! It’s so comfy, and keeps me cool at night. Highly recommend if you can afford to splurge!’ – Erin W. 

A Bellipod Pregnancy Pillow is a chiro designed maternity pillow with 100% cotton cover. It is a pregnancy full body pillow & pregnancy wedge in one to support belly, knees and hips.

Why do we love it?

You can enjoy your pregnancy with this BelliPod maternity pillow designed to provide full body support to make you more comfortable and help you sleep peacefully. It has been created by a Chiropractor and their patented design wedge pillow supports your belly and baby while the long pillow supports your knees and hips for a more comfortable sleep. The wedge has both soft and firm memory foam sides for your preference, and you can use your neck pillow for ultimate comfort! Their memory foam body pillow is portable so it can be taken on the couch, or pack it in a car to take it on weekend getaways, ensuring you always get a good night’s sleep.

Check out what its users say

‘I tried a few other bigger and more bulky pillows before finding this gem. I don’t need a lot of pillow, I just needed something to support my hips, belly and back. I love the simplicity of this pillow as it’s not too bulky, it’s soft/cozy and it’s easy to move with me in bed if I twist or turn, plus I can use my own head pillow which I love. I have felt the support after using this pillow and am very grateful I found it!’ –  Brynn Krause