Best Maternity Belts 2023

Maternity belts are not the same as belly bands and extenders which are more to help you wear what you want for a while. Maternity belts on the other hand are more to provide relief and provide uterus support and help keep the baby off the pelvis.

Best Co-Sleepers 2023

Best Co-Sleepers 2021 PERSONAL NOTE  A baby’s sleep is very important for a new parent. As per the American Academy […]

Best Nipple Creams 2023

When you need to provide relief to your cracked and raw skin, you choose a good, rich moisturizer to help you with. When you are pregnant or start nursing and pumping, chances are your nipples can become chapped, sore, itchy or even bleed at times. At such times you will require a soothing nipple cream to provide relief.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows 2023

It helps make your breastfeeding journey more comfortable, helps with your posture and helps you find a good position to feed your baby.

Key benefits of using a breastfeeding pillow:

Eases the strain on your back, neck and arms during breastfeeding
Comforts and supports the baby to feel more secure
Gives baby easier access to your breast as it raises the height the baby is at

Best creams, lotions and oils to help minimize and prevent stretch marks 2023

Whether you like to think of your stretch marks as your tiger stripes or whether you would ideally have a minimal amount on your tummy, most mums and mums-to-be have some stretch marks during pregnancy. They can appear anywhere on your body, from your belly to your thighs, your breasts or your buttocks and can be multiple colors – angry red, purple or just a dull light color.
According to most doctors, a big role on whether you get stretch marks or not depends on your genetics vs other factors but having said that, it really helps to keep your skin moisturized during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Superfoods: How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

These nutrition packed items are extremely effective when you need quick results from the ever-growing nauseousness, too much weight gain or inability to gain the right amount of weight. When you fix your diet, you need to choose the foods that are packed with goodness giving you the right amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and fiber and fluids.   

Pregnancy cravings: WHAT are they and WHY do you have them?

It is very common to have the weirdest pregnancy cravings when you are pregnant. Even though experts have not been able to establish why certain foods are craved and there are certain food aversions, but as per research presented by Frontiers in Psychology 50%-90% of pregnant women experience cravings at some point during their pregnancy.  

Is Apple Cider Vinegar safe to consume during pregnancy?

No scientific research proves the health benefits or harm done by ACV. According to most researchers and authorities, pregnant women should consume particular unpasteurized products with caution. This is because unpasteurized products contain bacteria such as Salmonella, Toxoplasma and Listeria among others. 

Best Pregnancy Pillow 2023

“When I was pregnant, one of the best buys that I treasure till date was my pregnancy pillow. Right as we hit the middle of the second trimester and the belly got slightly bigger, needing extra support under my tummy and behind my back became extremely important. Sleeping with it was the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless night where I was constantly adjusting my position to be comfortable.

Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy 

Gestational diabetes is caused as a result of increased blood sugar levels during pregnancy. It is believed that upto 10% pregnant women get affected by this in the U.S. You needn’t have ever been diagnosed with diabetes in order to get this during your pregnancy.